Past few years, retailers have witnessed a huge rise in e-commerce within their functions, as the customers were indulged themselves in the web and online shopping sites for getting their needs. Data from many companies and organizations have spotted this growth, including recent data established from U.S Commerce Department. An Internet retailer notes that research from the federal agency showed that shopping in online and web-based sites during this year’s first half is gradually increased by 15.3 percent when compared to the last year, considering 58 billion dollars as a total sum which was spent through the internet.

This explains that these informations were raised from the sales which were made on both computers and the mobile devices. In retail industry, mobile ecommerce is making its frontline, as so many customers started using their devices to search and buy products from the traders or merchants. Even in the physical retailer shops, we can see this practice by using smartphones. Also they use gadgets to pay for the traders in the display case.

The IBM Online Retail Index shows that the mobile commerce have increased to 31 percent during the first 3 months of the year when it was compared to the same period in 2012, reports the Practical Ecommerce. This spike is being made by the people who prefer for multichannel sales, which were discovered by IBM.

As quoted by the source, IBM Global Retail Leader Jill Puleri quotes, “The shopping experience has evolved. No longer can we look at shopping in silos, or in terms of in-store versus online. Instead, we have to consider the convergence of these channels, as the digital consumer demands a truly digital experience.”

Traditional retail or the physical store, a person goes out for purchasing is on and doing its work well. This is the most basic form of shopping and always exists. But there are more stores that exist both as physical stores as well as an online store. For eg, shops like Ebay, Max, or Lifestyle. You can visit and shopped though online websites either you can just walk in to the nearby shop physically for complete shopping experience.

Online shopping increasing day by day, it doesn’t mean normal traditional stores like shopping malls, grocery shops, and simple small shops nearby would get negative comment. But both these continue to satisfy needs of client. Shopping habits people were changed eventually, which lead them to get a constant life style as technology continues to progress.

Recent day’s internet has become more important in everyone’s life. Retails shop owners found this as an advantage to improve their business in online. By taking their business to online and trying to prove themselves among Competitors, online customer’s satisfaction is very important to them, so they are trying to provide everything what client needs.

The e-commerce provided the traditional physical commerce with many advantage that comes with minimal error, minimized cycle time, cheaper operational cost and increased real time information. The craze of e-commerce is increasing now. And the customers are becoming more digitalized, So it is very important to satisfy them with more excellent products, cheaper prices, etc.The online business men should describe their product accurately, so that the customers can easily understand the quality of the products.

 These are some of the reasons why people choose e-commerce currently and these are the main reasons for the booming of e-commerce.