Supply Chain Management – Application

Running an e-commerce business is not just confined to setting up a digital store and selling products online. A systematic and well-organized supply chain speeds up all the primary e-commerce operations and distribution processes, ensuring constant customer expectations. The SCM platform enables you to manage products, customers, purchases, and sales details under one single system. For effective management, one SCM platform can benefit you and your team add and edit all details of procurement, sales, and profits under a single tab. You can manage it from anywhere and anytime along with your team and organize product and customer details that can otherwise be missed with manual processes. It offers an organized inventory management procedure with a comfortable overview of all products, customers, sales, and pending tasks.

Why should you choose an SCM platform?

  • Centralized management of business
  • Virtual management of business for accelerated sales, products, customers, and purchase administration
  • Streamlined customer management for augmented experience
  • 24*7 stakeouts with collective reports of all departments at one go
  • Holistic overview of all departments with excellent analytics embedded in the application
  • Absolute financial management with all transactional history.
  • Increased sales with a quick understanding of high vs. low demand products

What does SCM Platform offer?

The platform allows organized inventory management by adding and editing products, Organize products by category, type, sale, and more. Automatically sort products based on vendor, price, and inventory level, creating your label, importing product list, and opening stock list. The inventory also enables you to manage your purchase and sales under a single roof. With the SCM platform, you can view and improve your purchase and sales history, product demand, sales delivery, and customer experience.
• You can add commission per agent in percentage and track it for the process.

• It lets you categorize products, create a brand and warranty.
• For increased customer management, you can group similar customers and track the requirements and processes together. It also provides an analytical report offering a quick overview of the P&L statement, tax report, customer-supplier report, items report, trending products, product selling, purchase report, sell payment report, and many more.
• Stock Transfer lets you manage and set up your stock transfers. An internal purchase order is created between branches and warehouses.
• Stock Adjustment helps you decrease the goods you have in stock by entering manual stock adjustments. It’s generally used to write off damaged stock or to adjust quantities after a stock audit.

Ease of Use

Steps for Picker mobile application usage

Check to make the user active, assign roles and permission, sales commission percentage, maximum sales discount percentage, bank details and save it. Using Picker Module, you can generate the ticket order and assign the picker. You will also be able to view the live status of the order. Picker mobile app lets picker manage ticket orders. Pulls warehouse items from the shelves based on a number, size, colour, quantity, and quality requirements. Using the mobile picker app, the picker can process the status to pick all. Once delivered picker will change the status to complete and close the order.

Ease of Use

Glimpse of SCM Platform